General Manager

My passion for wine started by drinking a fabulous Barolo from Italy. The taste was at first dry but full-bodied. The wine had an explosion of taste and reminded me of dried grapes, it was the moment when my passion for wines started. To expand my knowledge about wines, I studied SDEN 3 (Wijnbrevet) and WEST 3. The wines we sell at The Wine Factory won’t be found in the supermarkets. The assortment we have can be described as exclusive, with the best value for money. Next to the wines we sell at The Wine Factory we offer a range of spirits.

My goal is to serve customers and restaurants a range of wines that fits the expectation of them and their guests. The customers of The Wine Factory deserve the best service, we do provide staff training and organize tastings. In addition, I strive to have a good stock management which will be a challenge on the islands now a days. But I'll do everything in my power to have all the wines on stock.

Hope to see you soon!

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