Sparkling Juicy Tea Earl Grey-Lemongrass-Peach

Color:  This Juicy Tea sparkles a radiant apricot colour in the glass.
Nose: It has a densely woven nose with fruity touches such as ripe peach, honeydew melon, bergamot and citrus. These are joined by bitter black tea, malt and oregano aromas with a hint of vanilla.
Taste: On the palate the juice is delicately sparkling with a powerful body. It offers an intricate interplay between ripe fruit, fresh acidity and a delicate tannic bite. A wonderfully malty black tea note comes through in the finish. This is an intense, full-bodied, dry Juicy Tea.
Pairing: It makes a perfect aperitif, and its powerful style means that it goes equally well with hearty meat dishes such as pan-fried lamb chops, steaks or saddle of venison. It also makes a wonderful accompaniment to robust vegetable dishes such as beetroot risotto or lentil curry.
Country: Germany
Region: Nordrhein-Westfalen
Volume: 0,75
Bio: Yes
Vegan: No

No Alcohol!

$18,50 inc VAT
per bottle