Riesling Grape Juice

Color: The juice shines brilliant and golden yellow in the glass.
Nose: You smell complex aromas of ripe Boskoop, caramelized lemon zest, elderflower and a note recalling the taste of freshly baked gooseberry meringue.
Taste: The taste is sweet and clear until the finish revives a crisp acidity to the palate. With its strong grape sweetness of juice, it can be very well enjoyed as a Spritzer. It is best to mix 1: 1 with strong bubbling water.
Pairing: As Spritzer it matches classics of Viennese cuisine like baked chicken or Wiener Schnitzel with potato and cucumber salad but also the Provencal lemon chicken with fennel and thyme. The juice is best served as a Spritzer and it is an uncomplicated dinner companion for those who like to enjoy semi-dry wines.
Country: Germany
Region: Nordrhein-Westfalen
Grape: dornfelder
Volume: 0,75
Bio: No
Vegan: No

No alcohol!

$15,00 inc VAT
per bottle