Dornfelder Grape Juice

Color: The juice is a deep purple colour.
Nose: The aromas are intense and characterized by ripe, dark berries such as blackcurrant, mulberry and blackberry. These are joined by plum cake and vanilla notes with a hint of mint. 
Taste: The juice has a pleasant sweetness which does not dominate, balanced out by fresh acidity and a gentle, well-integrated tannin framework. The intense dark red fruit aromas return in the finish as a ripe fruity echo. A well-balanced, not overly sweet grape juice shaped by its opulent berry aromas.
Pairing: This juice is very enjoyable as a spritzer, best served one part juice to one part sparkling water. As a spritzer the juice goes with classic German dishes such as stuffed cabbage or roast beef with onions and roast potatoes, as well as with hearty stews such as Pichelsteiner.
Country: Germany
Region: Nordrhein-Westfalen
Grape: dornfelder
Volume: 0,75
Bio: No
Vegan: No

No alcohol!

$13,50 inc VAT
per bottle